Why Are We Here?

The Story of the of Life on Our Planet

Why Are We Here?

Why have we Homo sapiens become so dominant?


“The book is both informational and highly engaging, in the tradition of Bill Bryson’s A Brief History of Nearly Everything, and works equally well for pleasure reading and as a substitute for a science textbook. Brodie has a gift for pithy phrases (“We humans require hierarchy but yearn for our egalitarian heritage”) that render the text deceptively simple while making it a joy to read. Readers who are interested in refreshing their knowledge of science fundamentals will find the volume a useful overview while those who join Brodie in asking the title question will have plenty of fodder for further discussion.”

– KIRKUS Independent Professional Review

Bruce R Brodie

Seven years ago when I retired, I set out on my own journey in an attempt to understand how we got here, how our evolutionary past has shaped the way we are, and where we might be headed. Why Are We Here? is the culmination of that research and that journey.